Question about signing platforms

I have received signing offers from SnapDocs and Signature Closer platforms. I responded to the offers after 4 minutes and they were gone. Is this normal?

(CA) Four minutes? Try .00004 seconds! I don’t know about Snapdocs; they’ve NEVER sent me an order after 16 months. Signature Closers, well, you have to be greased lightning to get one of those. I’ve probably missed 100 assignments in my 5 mile radius because I am not fast enough. Believe me, I’ve done everything known to modern man to speed up receiving and responding to Signature Closers offers and I get maybe one of every 25 that come across. I always get the job, too, when I am able to catch one.

Yes, my friend, it is normal. Check around on this forum and you’ll see what others have to say. Best of luck to you.


I looked around in the forum not deep though. I noticed notaries getting work and not that stressful. If you have to be super fast I think this is not the best practice to get signing because you will go crazy with every notification on your phone. And you’ve to be staring at it :slight_smile: . So what other way to get signings?

Personally contact every company and ask them to be included in their database of
approved notaries for loan signings in your area. Use info posted here along with the list on NotRot (4 & 5 star ratings only).

Good luck


My only thought is they need to push the job out to everyone to satisfy their policies/term and conditions. It doesn’t mean they don’t have someone picked out for the job already. Many public and private sector companies do this practice with promotions. They have to post and notify to all to give them the opportunity to apply, but at the end of the day, they can hire whoever they want.

What I did when I first started I made a list of 4 and 5-star companies that I found and went to their website if they had a place to sign up I signed up there. If they didn’t I sent them an email asking them to be added to their database. I included a small bio in the body of the email and listed my credentials. I have gotten a few assignments this way when I first started back in December of 2021

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Thank you for your help