Missed accepting it by 1 second

I saw a notification that came through on snapdocs for $150 for a ref and quickly accepted… hung up and immediately called the company to request the assignment.

Got through the scheduled team and they explained their assignment process.

They have it on auto assignment to the first notary that is closest to the location address that accepted the assignment. She then reads me the acceptance time of the first notary and mine. It was approximately 1 second difference with the same distance​:sob::sob::sob:

Is that how snapdocs works cause I can’t seem to catch the decent priced ones… the low ones don’t seem to be an issue… been there done that… trying not to do that again


Try signing up with Signature Closers, They don’t seem to be as clogged with Notaries and signing companies as SnapDocs. I do like Snapdocs for its ease of use. Signature Closers website looks like something out of Y2K lol! Yes, I’ve missed an assignment because it took me 5 seconds to end a phone call and respond, so I feel your pain :slight_smile:

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Signature Closers i have given up on them and that app


Yes I know. They’re not doing anything for me. I haven’t received any signings fro. Snapdocs either. I missed 2 from Signing order last month and haven’t heard from them since.

In a perfect world one would become a preferred notary. This happened to me in 2019 when a new housing project had steady work. The sales reps said that I helped their signers to relax during the appointment and they wished I got all the closings. I said they could try contacting Escrow and putting me on as their preferred notary. The signing company called me up with genuine surprise that I was requested but I got all the rest of the assignments booked through their agency. They simply texted me directly to check my availability.
Sometimes you are not the preferred notary as happened to me when there was an order that came through Snapdocs, I was given the assignment and later called up and told that I would have to be removed because Escrow had a preferred notary. This one I would not let pass, I told the SC that I had already confirmed with the client and introducing a new notary would only confuse them. I got that re-assigned to me even though I had been removed. Turns out it was a difficult signing and maybe I should have let it go!

Other times, assignments are gone even within seconds, I think that sometimes Snapdocs is used even though there was a preferred notary, if that person has availability they get the job, if not it goes to whomever is next or by whatever criteria they have. First-rung notaries get the offers first, if no one picks up the assignment is posted again, about 30 second later. I was once sitting next to another notary and we did not get the offer at the same time so I know this is true.
Recently, the notary I am working with is no longer getting any Snapdocs orders unless there are difficult conditions like very far, low pay etc.

Back in 2020 and 2021 my response rate on one platform was 3%, now it has shot up to 67%. Times have changed. Has anyone started advertising for General Notary Work? I don’t have much of a web presence.


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Snapdocs assignment process is a bit confusing to me I understand what they say in terms of the algorithms doing the selections; but I too seem to have less problems getting the scetchy and low ball signings. However, it just doesn’t seem to work the same for the higher paying signings for me? I can be glued to my phone and click on “available” within a second or two before the indicator stop sounding, for higher fee jobs and it just doesn’t work as well as for the lower fees.

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