The reasons you may not be getting any signings

I called a SS this morning to inquire as to why I see daily offers and I hit “accept” with the speed of superwoman and never get selected. What they shared with me is that since business is slow they are being very very selective with the notaries that they are choosing to service their clients. They look for a specific number of signings from notaries (on that specific platform they use) first, then they look at the signing distance before they assign. I shared with him that although I understand and empathize with their position; often times the platform that they use only shows assignments assigned through them and is not accurate. This is a major disadvantage to Notaries like myself who have exceeded their minimum requirements as I work with many SS on different platforms and have the history and the experience that they are looking for. He agreed to look into it and shared he will try to do what he could to help me. ( No promises of course)

NOW… I have purposely opted to not include the name of the platform and the SS out of professional courtesy.

The moral of this story is simply this… If you are seeing a lot of SS notifications coming your way and you are not getting chosen pick up the phone call speak to someone and “ASK WHY”… a closed mouth with never get fed!!!


This is good news (I guess). It appears they now have the time to seek out experienced notaries, but are they paying for such, or are they still pushing out $65 dollar REFI’s? This is why I don’t bash the ones accepting such orders, I bash those who offer such compensation. Regardless of why one would accept such a low offer (individual needs), if they do accept it, they still know it’s a low fee in their mind even if they do take it.
I am a firm believer of this: “Some” notaries who know its a low offer, and still take it, will go to the table with a lower morale. As a result of that lower morale, they will be less attentive at the table than the notary who got the same REFI for $150. IMO, a client has a better chance of getting an error free signing by offering a fair compensation as opposed to relying on ones experience alone, and these clients need to take this in consideration when assigning orders, especially when looking back at all the “dead horse” posts about “low fees.”


This SS is one of the highest payers I have seen so they put their money where their mouth is…

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They are unique and of the “few.” Hold on to them! Hopefully they were “one of the highest payers” during the fast ride we experienced, and the future ones to come (if that happens).

Glad you called and shared that tidbit. Sounds quite unfair for those of us who are trained but just need to get out there and get some experience.

I have heard the same thing, I have 18 years experience, and told I don’t meet their qualifications. It is ridiculous! I just stopped using both SS

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