New Signing Agent in Pa

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My name is Chanelle and I am a new Signing Agent in the Philadelphia area.
I completed my first signing (Refi, one signer, 400 pages including signer copy).

I received the signing from Right Now Notary and was paid $175.

I know each NSA determines their own pricing… I was wondering if I could receive some insight on the pricing… I was excited to get the experience. After review 200 pages seemed like a lot and I was wondering if $175 was a fair price ?

Any input is appreciated.
Thank You

You are very fortunate to have a company pay you $175 for your very first signing - 400 pages…wow…some experience notaries might charge more - it’s location driven - I, personally, would have looked to $200-$225 for that much printing…but for your first? Hey!! You got lucky. Have you been paid? HOw long did it take you to be paid. Nice to know of companies who honor their agreements in a timely manner.

Thank You for your prompt response. I completed the signing on Wed the rep I was emailing with stated they pay in 14 days. The drive was approx 20 min. After I printed the docs and then reviewed and flagged the docs… I was thinking I should have negotiated the price… Being as though this was my first signing I didn’t calculate the cost prior…

What page number is considered a large package 100 plus pages?

Thank you again.

In my experience (and so you know I stopped doing loan signings 4 years ago) - and from what I’ve read - 125-135 pages is pretty standard - anything over that starts to get into the “little extra” area - my own personal thought is if it’s over 150 pages I’d start asking for more - especially if you have to scan all of them back too…ugh

Thank You Again.

Thank Fully it wasn’t a scan back dropped it off at FED EX.

Congratulations! Your first signing is $175… now I’m jealous :sweat_smile:
Agreed with Linda, consider yourself lucky, as you keep reading the newbies posts, you’ll find out how hard it is to get those signing companies to to trust you and pay you the fair amount.
Welcome aboard :+1:

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Thank You. From the post I am seeing the difficulty.

you were paid VERY well especially for a first signing. typical is $100.
20 min drive is standard and 400 pages printed standard as well. most packages are 130-180pgs x 2.
i have recently heard that if you negotiate…most of the time you will lose the offer. if they have to get a bunch of approvals from title they will move on to the next notary.
i negotiate only on the basis of what it’s worth to me time and distance and that particular day what i have going on. if they don’t want to pay…then okay. if they really need it closed they willl raise their price.

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Thank you for your insight.