Pricing for REFI with 200pages 1 signer

Hi Everyone,
I’m a newbie My name is Chanelle and I am a new Signing Agent in the Philadelphia area.
I completed my first signing (Refi, one signer, 400 pages including signer copy).

I received the signing from Right Now Notary and was paid $175.

I know each NSA determines their own pricing… I was wondering if I could receive some insight on the pricing… I was excited to get the experience. After review 200 pages seemed like a lot and I was wondering if $175 was a fair price ?

Any input is appreciated.
Thank You

I would say not bad for being your first refinance… most of those signing services offer new agent $75-$100, taking the advantage that the new agent doesn’t know the fees :thinking:
Now, stay firm with your fee!

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