New to Notary Cafe, how long did it take for you to get a notification

I am recently new to Notary Cafe but I have not received any notifications, my profile is 100 % complete but no call, I do have experience and it is all listed, what could possibly be the matter?

You can’t just sign up here then sit back and wait - you have to search out various hiring parties/title companies/signing services, research their reputations and sign up with the good ones. Get your name into their database.

Also not sure where you’re located - is it possible you’re in an attorney state?

Building your business is all about relentless marketing.

I am in Tennessee and we are an attorney state, I have and I do work with signing services, but most calls from the signing services are for $30. I am working and searching for work, lately I have been doing
general notary work

No you’re not an attorney state - you’re allowed to do loan signings as a notary; in an attorney state you would not be

Unless Tennessee has passed recent legislation changing their status.

You are right it is not but, It so hard to get a loan signing outside of a signing service, most closings use a closing attorney here in Tennessee, I must start networking more with real estate agents

You can search here for “newbie” or “getting started” - there are numerous threads with feedback from others on how to get started

Your ideas of networking are good but you need to branch out to the national companies - your work isn’t going to be strictly from local businesses. As I’ve posted before, go to notary rotary and get a basic listing - start working your way down the list of 3, 4 and 5 star companies, but make sure to pay attention to the Ratings and Comments and the Forum posts linked to the company profile - notaries have put a lot of time rating good, bad and ugly companies - believe them…

Meanwhile, take the time to hone your skills as a notary. You should be a top-of-your-trade notary before you worry about being a good signing agent.