No one to call

This weekend I had a signing, got docs same day as appt, prepped the package and noticed 1 page needed 2 witnesses, and there would be a check to collect from the borrowers. I was concerned that the borrowers had not been made aware (I have had this happen now a few times) so I sent a message on snapdoc to confirm with lender that the signers were aware. I did not get a response from anyone, I scoured the paperwork and realized there was no one listed to call with questions etc… I went to the appointment, it was in a rural area and no , they had no one to be a 2nd witness but they were aware of the check which was good. We get part way through the signing and the husband is upset by the numbers he is seeing on the alta statement and some of the closing docs, he turns over all of the paperwork and was visibly upset stating he was not signing this. The numbers were from months ago he stated and he did not agree with the payoff on the home. I had not had this happen before! I packed up all of the documents- again, I had no one to contact , so I let the signer know to call his lender first chance he has and Im sure they will work through it with him. Now, here we are , Monday morning, I had to close this out with explanation Saturday evening on snapdocs, so there is numerous communication from me on there and ZERO response still. Im sure the crud will hit the fan today…I did what I had to do in the situation and with no one to speak to, I just feel like everyone (ss and title etc) is going to be upset with me but I really dont know what I could have done differently?

Just a few comments:

  1. Did you call the borrowers in advance and ask them about witness availability?
  2. When money was due I let borrowers know in advance - before going;
  3. Old payoff figures could have been used (and he should have seen his CD 3 days ago) but that payoff can be adjusted during the 3-day rescission period, providing the loan being paid off allows that (some loans are calculated through end of month no matter when the payoff is done).
  4. Numbers on the CD should have been using disbursement date so numbers should have been relatively accurate (other than the payoff you mentioned)
  5. What company is this that left you hanging out to dry like this? And did you attempt to contact SS and title directly or just go through SD?

I did not call the borrower regarding money or witness, I will in the future but they did have a friend willing to drive over end of signing. I really didn’t know what to do when the signer flipped the papers over saying numbers were old and he wasn’t signing. I tried to keep things calm and searched for a number to call. Normally I have a hotline number but in this case I did not. I still have not heard back from ss this morning but I am certain I will since we did not complete docs. I only used snapdocs for messaging, in the past with other ss I have always had a good response through the messaging system or a hotline number to call. I really didn’t feel comfortable trying to go through the numbers with him at the table as I attempted to find answers to his questions he was just adamant everything was wrong and I didn’t feel it was my place to have him sign if he was upset. I hope I did the right thing but honestly he was not signing and with no one to discuss it with we just stopped the signing.

I want to learn what I can from this failed signing as it is the 1st refusal to sign that I have encountered, with that said, I may just stick with the companies I usually work with as they have been very consistent with communication and the docs and expectations are always available early enough to prepare and address any questions.