Non occupant co borrower/ occupancy affadavit

Have an occupancy affidavit with the non occupant name also on to sign, then Notarize. Has anyone encountered this before?

Is that ok since it is technically considered an owner occupied loan? I am a bit uncomfortable notarizing that and have sent an email to the lender . What would you do?

I hope you mean you reached out to hiring party (title/SS) and NOT the lender - if you were contracted by title/SS and you reached out direct to lender you may have just sabotaged the loan.

As for what to do? Notarize, don’t analyze. It’s not your place to decide if this is okay or not - this is LO and underwriting’s job to confirm all of this. However, if they’re swearing to you that the property is, in fact, their primary residence and they live there, and you have hard facts disputing that. (and it’s not just an assumption on your part)…then I would not notarize it as you are notarizing a false statement (depending on your state, that’s normally a no-no…).

Good luck with this. Let us know how this turns out