Property address diff then signing address

Property A is loan property. Signing happened at property B. ID shows property B where signing happened. Pg&e statement shows property A address. Any issues with this? I confirmed them by their ID. They own 2 properties. Thoughts?

A few… sometimes people will attempt to get lower owner-occupied rate on a rental (hence the address on ID). But, they also could be in the process of moving to property on loan. So, basically, it’s none of your business…notarize/don’t analyze.
The signers must sign a document stating the loan property is owner-occupied (or not) and, if there is a discrepancy, it’s on THEM, not you.


I agree with Arichter. It could also be that property A is a 2nd home. It happens a lot. If they bought property B first and use that as their ID address but they will be spending 6 months at each place, it is considered a 2nd home as long as they are not renting it out. But it’s not our business. They are the ones stating it is their primary residence and you are only concerned with identifying them, not to the truthfulness of their statement.