Non sense happend!

went to a signer in the deep country of Oregon. the guy has a huge dog the size of a massif with the brain of a chihuahua. Dog shows his teeth to me and the guy still asks if it’s okay to have it with us while signing! no! and he continued… saying HE HAS GOOD INSURANCE if I get bit! He swears his dog is very social but HE THINKS IT BECAUSE I’M THE VERY FIRST BLACK PERSON THAT THE DOG MET WHICH EXPLAIN WHY IT’S SO AGGRESSIVE!!!

WOW this is hard to believe but I guess it takes all kinds

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There are many options, but I can think of two that may be helpful:

“I’ll wait here (outside) while you secure your furry pet in a closed room so we can work uninterrupted.”


“I understand your request, but it wouldn’t be safe for me to enter your home. Let’s meet at the McDonald’s down the road in a few minutes. Thank You.” (and head toward your vehicle)

Your safety is paramount. Trust your instincts! :sunglasses::blossom::sparkles:


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