Notary Cloud - I should have paid attention

I should have paid attention to the warnings in this forum. But… no, I had to try for myself.

You all were right. 90+ days and still waiting for payment on a job completed in November '18. 5 invoices later, and I finally assigned it to collections. I’ll lose 50% of the payment, but at least I’ll get SOMETHING. Eventually. Had I done the job in the same manner Notary Cloud handles their vendor payments, I would be a bankrupt NSA!

Skip the calls from Notary Cloud. The work you do will be on your dime, because you won’t see a penny from them.

Non payment here as well. All mailboxes are full and no response at all. Beware I believe they have gone under.

As do I, skstuart. Thanks for your reply.

I received a check from Notary Cloud yesterday for a signing I did 5 months ago.

I received a check two days ago as well for a signing completed in October. I am grateful they are paying us.

Just received mine last week, for a signing done in November. Not going there again.

I did one for them last month. After accepting it I saw the reviews and was fearful but decided to go ahead anyway. There were issues and I had to make 2 trips as the wife wasn’t there the first time I went. I called them to advise them of this and they won’t answer the phone or call me back as I wanted an extra fee for the extra trip and rearranging my schedule. They called back after I threatened them to not go back unless I heard from them. They agreed with my extra fee. The next morning when getting ready to ship the packaged I decided to look on their “Cloud” and they had not changed my agreed fee. So I called again. No answer and no return call. At this point I’m thinking my chances of getting paid are very slim. So I called again and sent an email telling them I had their loan package ready to go but I refuse to drop it unless they pay my full agreed on fee through paypal immediately. It took them about 5 hours to do it but when I sent the last email telling them my final pick up was in 1/2 hour for that day and I needed to know what they were going to do I did get my money sent through paypal. This company steals money from notaries. NEVER work for them.