Notary & Signing Agent Reforms are Needed

Change is rampant is all industries. Things have changed regarding how various businesses and day - day life goes about. For example : Taxis while in service, are going the way of DODO and becoming extinct. RIDE SHARE services like Lyft & Uber, have completely destroyed the lives of many taxi drivers and taxi firms.

Now a days you can even order pizza by slice, Hotdogs, or McDonalds, etc delivered by Door Dash or other providers, have beverages delivered by drizzly.

So, you get the idea !! Notary business is undergoing change. Should we notaries be that agent of change?

IF we notaries do NOT take charge of reforms that we think are required, then those will be led down the path of reforms by disruptors & companies, which will do more damage to the actual providers and impact your livelihood.

There are essentially three groups involved during a notary transaction

  • The Notary

  • The Recipient :Client(s) who is(are) being notarized

  • The Receiver
    The person/entity receiving the benefit of the notarized document, ( Title & Lending Organization or recipient of a POA or Executor of a Will or a Trustee of Trust , etc)

                 Some of the  reforms , I have thought about are 

1) A Notary must be paid Immediately & directly by either the recipient or receiver.

     A notary service is just like a home inspector or a survey person. 
     These professionals get paid, even if the person does NOT buy the house or 
     even if loan does not consummate or home inspection fails.

2) Hiring of Notaries must be directly done by either the recipient or receiver. Not thru some 3rd party intermediately.

3) Signing services MUST BE BANNED and driven out of this industry.

4) RON Notarization: Should it be reversed?

5) Raising the notary fees to $10 or $15 in your states for each notarial act.

Notaries must organize at state level and be involved to get laws written to their advantage that is just and equitable to clients and themselves.

So Do Not Accept the Status Quo, and be an agent of Change


There has to be a better way. Playing beat the notary clock is not the best plan. I saw a HELOC come through for 55 bucks today and a notary jumped on it. Im a newbie but there has to be a better way. I keep my cell on me at all times and answer immediately only to be told someone else got the job. Not enough work to go around? Five bucks for a general notary job here in NM after investing a thousand into this business. Something has to give.

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Where I’m located a $55 signing would leave the NSA $5 after the $50 law office fees.