Preliminary Change of ownership

What would be the purpose of having multiple documents? i had 4 of these and like 3 of Grant Deeds, etc. in one set.

Did the signers have a Trust set up?

Yes. But why would one need to fill out 4 of them. Also several grant deeds.

Some refinances cannot be done inside a Trust so a grant deed needs to be completed to remove the property out of the Trust so the loan can fund and place it back in the Trust once the transaction is completed. Also, did you check and see if the names match exactly? There could have been a change to the names which may require two additional grant deeds. The change can be as small as it was originally recorded with the borrower’s middle name and now it’s not.

I have always found that suspect because the dates on the deeds would be different from each other since the loan has to take time to fund, so the Notary would be signing documents with varying dates.