Ron closing

RON Closing. I’m checked-In. Oh where are you customer? :joy:

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Finally……:joy:That was so quick and easy! Need to look into doing 100% RON.


What platform are you using? I’m looking at a few but keep getting overwhelmed with choices and ease of use. Any favorites?

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Before you look for companies to sign up with, I recommend that you get a list of your state approved RON providers and go from there. The best and cheapest route is to get the title companies to bring you on board to do RON specifically for them. Otherwise, I think it is more expensive to do as an individual. Nexsys Clear Sign and Pavaso are the largest but I could be wrong.

Whether we like it or not, the future of real estate closing is RON. It is here to stay, it is getting bigger and bigger every day, unfortunate it will replace human notaries:( :confused:. We better get on board, maximize, innovate and be prepared for change.

I am seeing a major increase in RON. Tomorrow, most of my closings are RON plus 4 hybrids. No traditional full paper. I’m excited and scared of the future at the same time!

Ok, may you have a successful 2022!


I’ve dealt with this quite a few times. I just wait a few minutes, and if they don’t show I call them, and see if they need help signing in. I can usually help them, but a time or two, I’ve had to get Nexsys support on the phone (they’re really good, from both a technical assistance standpoint and a customer relations standpoint).

And yes, RON is awesome, and increasing slowly but steadily. I wouldn’t mind 100% RON closings, either.

I think a key will be introducing title companies at the escrow officer level to the benefits of RON.

Per that, I’m still looking for a good, cost effective RON solution, where I bring my own customers, if you or anyone else has any tips.

(Nexsys requires you to be a signing service which I am starting, but they are apparently revamping their onboarding processes, so they are not an immediate option).

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