I’m reviewing all the different types of RON platforms that allow you to use for GNW but the fees do not align in a profitable margin for the fees that I’m allowed to charge in AZ.

I get calls daily on my GNW and I turn down more than I accept and wanted to see if there was other options available.

In AZ I am only allowed to charge $10/ per act with no allowances for any type of service fees. (Except travel of $0.44/m) I called the SOS and they said they may be making some changes but for now it is what it is.

Most of the platforms I found charge $13 for the session and $4-5 for extra seals. So for me it would cost me $13 to perform the act but could only collect $10.

Any suggestions from the those doing RON for GNW would be appreciated.

In Oklahoma we can charge $25 for RON. So I get around $12 to $13 per act for GNW due to platform fees. This is beneficial more for me, since I don’t have to leave the house and I’m saving on wear, tear, paper etc…
Also, in Oklahoma we can only charge $5 per act in person. I guess it boils down to the individual person. My main goal is to get more title companies to come directly to me for RON.

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So after searching and searching i found a platfom that may be ablento work for my GNW and RON and IPEN

You may like them… I didnt like their monthly fees or their plateform.

I was looking at the 3 free per month…lol. That would be my cap…lol… but I’m going to look into the fine print a bit more. The free account is what I’m hoping to get

With the 9.95 monthly fee they give you $10 free documents per month.

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Let me know how you like the platform. I did the trail basis with them and its just too many moving parts for me.

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What I meant to say is with the paid membership they give you 10 free documents a month and I got an email from the account rep offering up to 25 documents free per month under the 9.95 monthly plan after I explained to him the billing for AZ notaries… still reading the fine print though.

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Oh ok! I hope you like it!
I wasn’t a fan of the whole credits thing and when I tried to just practice before doing a real one it took from my credits as if it was real. Then again I’m not to tech savvy and I didn’t get the kind of trial run like your getting!

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