RON How do I BECOME certified

what is the process for an independent contractor to become RON certified. I applied for and received an Electronic Records Notary Endorsement from my state. I have to provide the state with the name of my Electronic Software provider. I have been trying to search the web to find out what this all means and it is so confusing. Can someone enlighten me on these procedures.

Great question. There are multiple threads present within the Notary Café database that address this topic.

You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will probably be quicker than waiting for someone to reply. The Search function is identified to be of assistance to you. :angel:

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It’s so important for each member to endeavor to perform due diligence prior to requesting the valuable time of other business owners.

Searching the Notary Café database for the answer (that’s more than likely already present) prior to creating a new thread or post is being considerate, thoughtful, & respectful of other members. Saves everyone time & prevents consternation. :sparkles:


Here are the results of a quick Search I did for you by typing “RON Certified” in the Search field:

This url page has many separate url threads that go into detail on this topic; however, there is one that may prove particularly insightful:

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