RON Signings

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Does anyone have experience with any of the RON platforms that work with NNA or would recommend ones that are affiliated with NNA?

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I use Nexsys Clear sign for my RON’s, most title companies have a platform that you will use, fortunate for me the two companies I close the RON’s for use Nexsys Clear Sign, Pavaso is a good one I have used that one also

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Thank you so much for this information. It is very helpful. Have a blessed day.


one notary is a platform for RON

Usually the company that hires you will have the platform already. I have done over 100 RON closings on Nexsys Clearsign, and even more hybrids on Pavaso. I have not had to hire or use my own provided company.

If you are setting up a PRIVATE account - not one in which the signing is set up by an escrow firm, but one which you set up and control:

I use both Notarize and Signix.

Why two? Because they have slightly different identity verification protocols. Should my client be unable to pass KBA in one system, they can often do so in the other.

Of the two, I suggest Signix if you are new to RON. Their training is superior.

The state of Florida said you can have up to five platforms I wouldn’t want five if I had to pay for each one of those platforms the platform that I use is Nexsys clear sign and the two companies that I close Ron’s for that’s the platform they used

I use Nexsys clear sign , but only for the company i sign for . do you use Nexsys on your own ?