SCAMMER Warning:

Good morning! I just received a phone call from someone names Alex Rodriguez. She called trying to offer me a $300 signing, then asked for my fees. She claimed that she was from Notary Cafe and she wanted to put me on a priority listing. She read off information on my profile (E&O insurance and background check). Then she said that I would be charged $49 for the priority listing. I hung up on her, bu I just wanted to make everyone aware in case she starts calling other people trying to scam. Her phone number is (954) 378-9138 and her email address is


@motorcitysignings Thank you for this post.

There are multiple threads identifying this individual contained within the GOLDMINE database within the Notary Cafe database.


Reference the following threads:

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Thank you. I tried to do a search before I made the post but nothing g came up in my search.

Thank you!

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Thank you! I got a call from this person last week, although in my case they claimed to be from the NNA

Alex makes his rounds!!!

If its not coming from an actual business email and it coming from a gmail, yahoo, or any other email that not a business email, I don’t respond

Lol yes he does lol lol

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