Scanning back to Snapdocs

I got a Brother ADS 1700W scanner. Do anyone know how to scan a large multi papers documents in one PDF. Every time I tried I get multi files instead of one. When I dealing with Snapdocs they required a scan back.

I have sent the scans in more than one group before. My HP scanner says it can handle up to 50 pages, but I have done around 75 with it before with no problem. If I have a 120 - 150 page loan package, I’ll divide it in two and scan it that way, being sure to label them clearing. I once sent scans in three groups, but I would hate to do more than that.

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Are you using the Brother App? You can just hit continue while scanning to make it one file. You can also combine the PDFs with Adobe Acrobat.


Adobe Acrobat,
You may need to purchase this on their website,
would be good to combine all your documents in one PDF
Try going to the printer instructions, check your setting in Windows,
Call your HP 800 no., Not sure if HP can help, they may only be able help with your printer setup and test print
Reference your printer information and watch a video,
On how to setup your printer, scan documents,

If you need help,
You can e-mail me directly,
Would be happy to help,

My background is 25 years of Computer Tech experience both Mac/Win and Mobile devices.

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