Seller docs

I am not so familiar with seller docs. Revived a signing appt for one. The company is overnighting dos to client, so I won’t have a chance to look them over. Would it be in advisable for me to request an email copy to look over prior to signing?

In an average seller package, you’ll be notarizing the deed. The remainder of the docs will be revenue/taxes, proceeds, and seller information. Fidelity requires a specific set of docs which can be challenging.

I suggest that, as soon as you arrive at the signing, you take some time to go through the documents, arrange them in the order you prefer, familiarize yourself with those you have never seen before. If the sellers become restless, simply explain what you are doing: You are preparing the signing to ensure a flawless close.

Let the signers see you work! It will add to their confidence in you.

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Thank you for your input!

There is a form titled Certification for No Information Reporting on the Sale or Exchange of a Principal Residence. This form is regarding the taxes they’ll pay on their proceeds. The seller has to answer questions about length of ownership and price of sale. The last two or three questions mention section 1031 or the Internal Revenue Code. That code is for investment property. If the property being sold is not an investment property, then they can mark it false or NA.

Also, seller packages are small–no more than 30 pages or so.


Thanks so much! Very helpful

Something I have not seen mentioned here - and not sure what state you’re in -

Make sure you’re aware of witness requirements for the deed - one? two? If two can you, the notary, be one? And make sure signers are aware they have to have witness(es) present.

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