Signing Agency Low Ball Fees

Anyone notice those signing requests coming thru at $30.00 and $50.00…I get tons of offers for these and I refuse them. However, there must be notaries that are accepting these fees as evidenced by continued requests with these fees. NOTARIES, WAKE UP !! Why are you accepting signing appointments for these low ball fees?? Our services are valued at MORE that these fees. I won’t even think of accepting these fees…If you are accepting these fees for signing appointments, then most likely you are not profitable when you factor in your time, printing, travel, fuel, tolls, paper, membership costs, E&O, Stamps, Journals, etc. And don’t forget uncle sam when you get 1099’d at the end of the year. You are better working at Burger king. Ask for what you are worth !!! If we all accept these low ball fees we may as well hang it up and go get a 9 to 5 job. If EVERYONE refuses to accept these low ball offers and ask for what you are worth for providing our professional services, our fees will increase.

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Well Notary Nation just removed me from their data base! I had done a 3 page signing, no notarizing, 56 mi rt, for $55 last week.
I accepted a job thru SD earlier and she was asking $45 but gave me $55. After receiving documents, it was not only 3 pages as before. It was 66 mi rt, around 100 pages to print & Fed Ex back plus collect a list of items. I told her I would need $125 considering distance and amount of “signing” paperwork.
She has made a comment on my SD profile stating I am unreasonable to work with & expect $125 for ALL signings! Told her I have been a notary since 2002 and have never received a signing this low for what was involved. She told me I must’ve been working directly with Title Co. and not a Signing Co.
Was I wrong and totally out of the ballpark?

I would have told them to either adjust the fee or find another notary.


Maybe complain or post a remark about the deceptive practice from Notary Nation, explain that they do not provide accurate information regarding their closings. As far as Signing Services, they are all a joke and try to mislead people.

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I agree 100%!!!
I value my time at a set target., plus $1 p/mi
Travel time

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We must all unite together and not accept any signing service that pays anything less than $120!

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Based on an average of 57 appts a month, at 100.-$125. an appt on average, some paying more and some overnights are less. I am a single person, no wealthy spouse or other income.
I HOPE THIS HELPS. Basically, I add all my yearly expenses and divide it by how many appts I did that year. That gives the net for each appt; and then divide that by how much time it takes 1.75 to 2.5 hrs an appt. That’s what you make.

E&O ins 452. for 4 yrs .20 an appt

Car payment, ins and maint = 14.36 an appt (New Corolla best mileage)

gas 3.22 an appt

copier cost toner and maint = 3.95 an appt (used Sharp ARM257 like a copy store has)

paper, average 260 sheets an appt= 2.60 an appt

health ins 452. mo = 7.92 an appt

Laptop,($1200.) new every 3 yrs/400 a yr= .59 an appt

supplies(pens clips,rubber bands,yellow stickies etc .29 an appt

tax at 20% 11.42 an appt

me paying for shipping a few times a yr for boo- boo’s 11. each= .09 an appt
Cell ph $125. a mo.& not counting the cost of phone = 2.20 an appt.

Total expenses an appt $46.84 from 90. =$43.16 net profit each appt

average appt time, printing, preparing travel time, and the appt,
shipping time,waiting in line at UPS and Fed X as most dont want you to use a drop box these days, = 2.5 hrs average if you are fast and experienced.

Your AVERAGE net profit after all expenses and taxes= $17.26 to $21.58 an hr. for 2 to 2 and a half hrs . !!! WOW!!

Now consider that as Notaries we have UNLIMITED LIABILITY, you could lose your home and all assets even after E&O ins, and all joking set aside, you could end up living in a used bread truck in WalMarts parking lot forever, even if it wasn’t your fault. Do you see why we have to charge at least $125. an appt???

Remember to be effervescent, smiley, and all bubbles in a suit, stressed, rushed and with tight chest or chest pain half the time. What price does this have?? Last minute is the nature of the lending industry so accept it. It does not give the normal consideration of advanced notice of appts and getting docs on time. That’s for other businesses. If you operate this way and don’t hussle it, you won’t make much.

Until then, my advice to younger people and new signing agents: There is NO pie in the sky. Nothing is for nothing. Go to college, get you’re an education, get a masters or PHD in something, anything, have real security, real $ etc.

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