Signing Stream Inc. / Slow PAY

56 days and still waiting. Been a Notary since 1989 and this is the worst company I have worked with. They would make Berny Madoff proud with their stalling tactics. Why is it the NNA can’t do something to protect their agents from what is a scam of nonpayment. What good is all their quality control to protect the title companies and lenders, but pays no attention to the people who they depend to fund all their programs. They jumped all over DODD FRANK and third party info to feather their nest but are on vacation when it comes to the bad actors in the Signing Company’s. They should be working to regulate these companies thru the Secretary of State where they work from. You only have to read the postings see the scope of this problem which seems to be getting worse because … they can… .

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Best thing a notary can do is get the word out. you might want to contact the lender and / or title company requesting they discontinue use of their services. If you will contact me at I will email you some tips that I have compiled from other notaries throughout the years.

Funny who the National NOTARY Association doesn’t go to bat for the NOTARIES and you hear nothing about this very important topic! That is why it is mostly newbies who sign up with them. They later get disenchanted and stop paying there fees. is a great site and was very helpful when I began.

The flip side is the volume of notaries that mess up their assignments (not correcting mistakes, not even showing up for the appointment after accepting the assignment, etc) and then get mad when they aren’t paid. I guess it can go both ways.

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Don’t expect NNA to DO anything for you, except collect your $$'s

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62 Days finally received the check. Done with this company.

Who I’m having problems with is this company topnotaries/the best notary they have not paid me & did work for them back in April. I need to go to that website see what i can do. I’ve never had this problem before.

Agree. I definitely recommend staying away from Signing Stream. They low ball on fees and payment was 90 days. And you can’t talk to a live person in Accounting. Recording says you can only respond via email. Guess they were too inundated with phone calls from disgruntled notaries to handle the call volume.

contact direct for some helpful hints and tips on collection. at