Stark drop in my business. Suggestions?

I’ve been in the business for over a year now and in the last month or so I have notice and extremely dramatic drop off in the number of signings I’m receiving. Like less than a 1/3 of the business I’m used to doing. I renewed my background check and completed my continuing education in April, has anyone noticed their business dropping after after the first years expiration? If there anything anyone would be willing to recommend. I thought maybe it was just a fluke but it has continued and now I’m starting to panic.

As interest rates go up, refi business drops. It’s a cycle…and we’re definitely on the downswing. Doesn’t have anything to do with ‘after your first year’. Might be time for a Plan B.

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Interests rates are still at historic lows, The economy is still very strong and unemployment rates are also at historic lows. This is not even close to being a down turn in the economy so much so that the entire Notary Signing Agent business has slowed and I now need to turn to my “plan B”… With all due respect this is terribly defeatist advise. I cannot accept this

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As long as I’ve done this and know it’s cyclical, I still can panic when it drops. What I’ve ALWAYS done is use the time to market, market, market. Then educate the heck out of myself via my various FB sites. Lastly, live lean n mean. I take all my checks and 1)put aside tax money 2)pay my small bills and 3)put the rest in an acct for slow times.
Hang in there. I SWEAR it always turns around.


The reality of it too is that thus field is becoming more popular. As more agents sign on, the less work there is.

My advice is to step up the promotion of your services, and register with every possible scheduling company out there (take every signing or notary that is sent your way if it makes you money) keep in mind that our business always has it ups and downs. Hang in there & Good Luck!

I noticed it too after a year and a half and one company who I used to receive many texts from with jobs just stopped. I found out it was because they took me off their list because I needed to send proof that I completed the nsa signing course and provide them with the information. Some signing companies you have to stay on top of sending them your yearly background check bc that could be another issue. It is a a little tedious and I’ll have to prepare better next time around.

Good “Plan B” ruthann. There’s always general notary work too, depending on your state rates it can be very lucrative. I do attorney trust signings with pay comparable to that of a loan signing and I don’t have to print anything! Best of Luck.

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