Will Signings pick up in June?

I started this independent business Journey in October of last year. It is tough at times but this month as been extremely slow. I have about 7 or 8 agency I’m working between and they are all dry. Can someone tell me will business pick up in June because this is my only income and with the outcome of this month signings I might have to find a second job. I really don’t want too do that. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts you would like to share?

Historically, summer time is always busier. A reason to be hopeful. However, no one really knows for sure. It depends on where you live and other factors. Interest rates are low, but inventory is also low. If they pass the first time home buyer’s credit, maybe that will help later on.

Have you can reached out and introduced yourself to the local top producing real estate agents and title companies with your flyer and business cards?

I have been a notary for over 10 years. I have learned it is always best to have another stream of income or job in case of emergency or down times. Sometimes, it’s not even a thing about being busy but maybe the SS doesn’t pay on time. If you live in a busy area and don’t want to look for another job, maybe you can consider another gig job like lyft/uber/doordash during slow times. Although I know that is not ideal, just a way to protect yourself. After 10 years I decided to get a full time job and do this part time. I still really like being a notary signing agent, but want stability. I hope some of this helps.



What’s your location? Also, were you able to make more than 100k a year during your full time tenure?

I am based in the SF bay area and was able to reach $100k.


i feel like im going to chill in June. I have already been presented with 9 signings but i declined them all. i might just chill and enjoy summer, my April was fair and my may was / is jumping lol

@Greenhunter, did you have to sign up for 100 signing services? I just started last week, signed up for 10, and have gotten no emails/calls/anything. People online are saying I have to sign up for 100 signing services. I couldn’t even list 100 signing services and I don’t want that many random sites having my personal information if it isn’t worth it. Not to mention, Mark Wills from LSS, has testimonials on his YouTube all the time about people making 2k-4k in their first month. I doubt they signed up for 100 things.

You do need to sign up with way more signing services. A lot of these databases have lists, A-Z of signing services. Call them, all of them. You never know who is going to give you chance because you called. I did this last week and have received two offers from one signing service ($125+) and another left a nice comment about me on Snapdocs. You probably haven’t gotten any calls because you have zero or minimal signings. You have to put the work in, it’s not going to drop in your lap. Good luck.


Interest rates go up–as they have–refinance closings go down. Simple, and nothing will fix or change that. If you rely on refi biz to drive your income as I do, you’re SOOL. I’ll go back to being retired and playing golf.

Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it.

I had signed for for around 20 SS… I wish I had a EIN instead of giving out my SSN. For the most part I get most of my work from Amrock, Snapdocs, SingingOrder, Signature Closers. You should go with notarygo to get your first singing.

You can get your EIN from IRS online in about 5 minutes. There’s no reason not to have one.

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what do they ask for ?

Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and Name and address of your company. You’ll have your EIN in short order. They’ll mail you a hard copy that you don’t want to loose as they’ll not issue a replacement.

If you don’t have an LLC get one. I have one LLC and two DBAs under the LLC. In Texas the cost is about $300, and offers you certain leal protections. You’ll have to research the laws of your state.

So you can have a llc for multiple businesses?

Yes. This give flexibility as things change.

but when you register for the state they require certain codes for instance if you do online retail sales then you have to pay use tax and such

My advice; learn about your State’s Tax laws. Even if you’re not a registered or incorporated business you may still be liable for uncollected Sales Taxes. While most governmental entities are slow and sometimes incompetent, one thing they are good at is collecting taxes. If you’re not in compliance they can make it financially very painful for you. Contact an Attorney, a Tax Professional, or the SBA for guidance.

Thanks Everyone this is very good information.

Where can I find the database that have lists, from A-Z of signing services?

Notary Quest and 123notary.

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