Strange Printer/PDF problem

I have a Brother 6200DWT that has worked flawlessly until last evening. I had a rush signing, and had to switch the cartridge, which normally works without issue (and may have last evening, too).

However, the actual printing was a bit of a nightmare. Formatting was completely messed up on certain docs, and 50+ pages printed out blank, when I printed the whole file at once. I had to reprint several times to get a fully working set. Ultimately, I printed the docs 50 pages or so at a time (161 total pages). And there were still issues (corrupted initials fields. I just had the borrowers initial near them.)

Has anyone here ever had an issue like that?

I double checked the cartridge and it seems to be fine. And if the PDF file were corrupted, I wouldn’t have been able to print correctly at all.

My guess is that it may have been a wireless issue. I have my printing set up wirelessly from my computer. I’m going to switch to using a physical connection, and see if that makes a difference.

But - I have printed two sets of docs for probably 65 signings, with no issue until yesterday.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I used to work in IT and printers are the biggest nightmare in the world. Wireless printer is awesome but a physical connection is always best. If the PDF was corrupted, it would not have printed at all like you stated. Check to make sure your drivers are up to date and if you continue having issues, even after hardwiring, I would uninstall/reinstall the printer.


Thanks very much. I researched on the Brother website yesterday, and their help articles said essentially that same thing. I have a signing later this morning, I will do some test printing first. If anything is still strange I will follow the troubleshooting steps.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your Adope pdf and see whether it will work.

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Thanks! Printer is working fine as of today. I’m not sure what the issue was, but out of 60 plus signings, the only weird behavior from the printer was the one I mentioned. So, hopefully it won’t happen again.

I just purchased the 5200dwt, similar model to the 6200, and found out that Adobe needs to be updated to the latest version for it to work. Their last update fixed this issue for me.