To All You Notaries Wanting To "STAND TOGETHER"

To all of you Notaries wanting to “Stand Together” for higher prices, be careful when posting things like that. It could be considered ILLEGAL.

That’s what I was I wondering, because I know CA has a limit on fees with exception of travel and printing fees, definitely with exception of travel fee

Is it price fixing to demand to be paid what your stare law allows? Because VERY very often, I get files with two signers and if I am paid according to the CA rules for notaries, then I could easily earn $120+ for notarizations alone, average refinance has 4 documents that are notarized and x 2 is $120 but I mostly see offers come in for $75-$115 max so when I accept, I am already starting off in negative by discounting my rightful earnings.

Then I got to figure out what cost of printing will be and mileage…… and printing can add up when it’s 120-150pgs on average and sometimes 200 pages, then x 2 for borrower copy. It adds up…… so how are we to address getting reimbursed for printing and copying without triggering antitrust investigation? Because I would assume the printing costs are fairly even across all of the US……


In WA it is the state that appointed the notary fee of $10 per seal plus any travel expenses. I am not familiar with how exactly real estate decided on the notary fee for the closing. There does not seem to be a set price either. One day I get a 110 refinance offer next day 75 offer for a refinance. I don’t think there is a fixed price in place for NSA work only thing I have to go by is what my state allows per seal.


Price Fixing ~ what do you think real estate market is doing? Notaries are low on the totem pole and they believe we can be manipulated into accepting cheaper fees. Majority of Notaries are wanting a fair business expense fee after reviewing all data for state fees, overhead expenses, mileage, etc. My business rates are based on fair fees and I don’t gouge people. Some of my signings are in Senior full care facilities and hospital. Same goes for those signings I use state established fees and get paid more than Notary Contractors are offering. This is a large portion of my business and I get call backs from these locations because I’m a senior Notary that is calm, experienced and deal with unusual situations in a kind manner.


@mellissayr You just hit the head on the nail.

ask for more money dont work for free you need to negotiate your fee with the signing co


we are talking about loan docs fee not normal ones i dont even do those cheep ones

you know signing companies get paid 2-350 for a signing from the lenders and escrows but they only want to pay you 75-125 and we have to do do all the work and printing


Oh no! ahhhh!!.. Who do you think it benefits for that camaraderie to be considered “illegal”? It’s always “illegal” for marginalized groups to get together and make things better for themselves and it’s not by accident.


So how do “we” get around having to sign up with all these signing companies? Are they giving the lenders and/or originators something we aren’t?
Houston, Texas

Interesting discussion comments. Stirring the pot is healthy. Bottom line is I will not accept a signing at overhead loss. To me SnapDocs is price fixing since they send out requests for majority of low ball fees. If SnapDocs keeps promoting this type of platform and Notaries operate at a loss they will see a depletion of long term NSA’s. Experienced NSA;s will not continue to be insulted with low ball fees and working at a loss. I know SnapDocs reads this platform ~ suggest they think about their future. We are NOT just a number ~ we are humans with self worth.


Sorry but this isn’t work lol. This is fun and I feel honored to do this type of work. I take $75 to $150 all day long and I make a very good living.


Illegal how? Why throw fear out there?


:loudspeaker:@thenotaryshow :chart_with_upwards_trend:@WitnessPro :bulb:Authorities don’t even prosecute “identity theft” because of the complex digital footprint.:raised_hand: Our rates are currently being hijacked by banking algorithms.:musical_note: “Stand Together”… yes! :no_entry_sign:The NNA has failed us. :timer_clock:I am happy to discuss/type my rates with anyone as its “freedom of speech”. :ok:Collusion is a conspiracy in secret… that is illegal and is a prohibited act. Discussing fees that most of us publicly advertise in a public forum is not illegal. :heavy_check_mark:Full time Notary/Fingerprint practicioner :checkered_flag:Real Estate Broker :ok: Retired State Police from Massachusetts.:airplane:This topic will be discussed point on the podcast and in the clubhouse room. :straight_ruler:Thanks for reading my words, click my :phone: linktree and contact me ~Adam Pasquale Operator of both :point_right:@thenotaryshow​:point_right: @WitnessPro​:earth_africa:

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In Illinois the fee is $1.00. That is one dollar per signature. There notaries here that are new and will take a standard refi for a total of $65. You just turn them down and then you have no closing. My business has dropped enormously this year as compared to last year.

Oh good Jeff. Protect the signing services colluding to keep fees low.


First you say, “this isn’t work” then you say, “I feel honored to do this type of work.” Pick one lol.

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Standing in solidarity to a common belief that we should avoid doing business with lowball paying signing agencies is not illegal. Price-fixing would be and discussing details of rates could be, but there is nothing wrong with bringing to discussion that there are many agencies out there that pay very low and their business model feeds upon those who’ve not risen up the experience chain to command higher paying assignments. Add to that the fact that this health pandemic has flooded the market with notaries who have no business being NSA’s. To be frank - they stink at this job and are doing a disservice to those of us who are trying to maintain a business at this. These two factors are causing many GOOD and EXPERIENCED NSA’s to consider getting out of the business and let the signing agencies deal with the consequences that their fees allow an influx of “side-hustlers”. Sit and stew in their own mess.


Bingo! Couldn’t agree more.