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Hi everyone, so yesterday I saw a post about doing notarizations for Towing companies. So I made a few calls just to see if I could get any bites. I did! He asked what my fee was & I just quoted the price I saw on the forum( that I can’t seem to find)of $120. He didn’t blink and said that he has a few each week anywhere from 9-5pm. My question is do they pay on the spot which I assumed except that he mentioned something about the money coming from his bank? Also what kind of documents are normally notarized?


It would help if you said what state you are in. For example, Pennsylvania notaries have much more authority to do work related to motor vehicles than notaries from other states.

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Okay - first off, congrats on the coup and good on you for your initiative.

Now, that said - my instructional post for the day… :smiley:

I would be very careful here - your state only allows you to charge $1/notarial act - charging $120 for each may be frowned upon and considered unreasonable by your state, and all it will take is one person to complain. I’m assuming you’re going to keep these local and not travel far for the one notarization.

Also, as to this:

That’s something you should discuss with the company - if they only want you for one once in a while, I’d want payment up front - if it’s a few per week, you might be able to come to an agreement with the company for a weekly payment;


I think I would have found this out before offering my services to various companies. This is knowledge you should have had ahead of making the agreement

Once again, all that said - Congrats on your bravado and taking matters into your own hands!! Best of luck to you - let us know how this works out. You’ve got this!!


I would definitely find out what type of docs they want you to notarize prior to committing. Some car dealers (new and used) have their own tow trucks, and may simply want you to notarize title transfers and/or loan docs. Some are in the repossession business, which comes a long with a ot of “legal” process and documents. If you are not familiar with these types of docs, I wouldn’t touch it until you do some state specific research on it (as they may be repossessing a vehicle in your state that is registered/titled in another). Check with your state regs on fees. This can bind you up as well. Some regulate “notarial acts” and some may also regulated your “service” fees. It is important to note that if your state regulates both, you should separate each by line item in your invoices. Your “notarial act” fees are tax exempt, but your service fees may not. Hope this helps


Wow, It did!!! Thank you so much, I was a little too eager. Fortunately, I hadn’t received any calls for this yet.

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