Unlock and Print a Password Protected PDF document

I have a buyers document to notarize on Monday but they sent a password protected pdf file with a password. It won’t print on my printer. It goes through spooling then shuts off like I never tried. How do I and where do I add the password so I can print this 115 page document? Thanks.

When you left double-click to open the Adobe PDF document file, a password entry form pop-up window will display. You’ll type in the passcode and press Enter. At that point, the document package will display & you should be able to successfully print the package.

First, I’d re-upload the drivers (a good baseline diagnostic effort). Then, I’d double-check under Document Properties to verify that Printing IS Allowed. If that is okay, then when configuring to print, Debbie, go to the advanced button & select “Print as Image.” This may enable it for you.

NOTE: Please write down the configuration changes you make to print this package (for your future reference) & let us know on the Notary Café Forum what worked!

Then, once you’ve been able to successfully print this particular package, go back into the Adobe PDF Print configuration and return all your settings back to your normal configuration, to avoid potential difficulties with your regular PDF files. :wink:

Hi, actually I opened the full document in Microsoft Edge and printed it out without a password. That was odd but it worked. Thanks so much for your response.