Possible SCAM

I believe this site is nothing more than a SCAM. I signed up with them for $39 and then did some checking and found some bad comments about them. So I emailed them and told them to cancel and informed my credit card company (in < than 1 hour) that I wanted to cancel the charge. Now they are claiming I never contacted them. This was before I realized how many bad SSs &Listing Services there are, so now I check 1st.

THIS IS DEFINITELY A SCAM targetting notaries. Many people have been taken for so much more, consider yourself lucky. I would be unrelenting with your credit card company. I don’t know why the Florida US Attorney or the St. Petersburg/Tampa DA hasn’t closed her down and put her in jail. What a thief.

Laurie Christensen aka Gago aka Fiero(sp.) is listed on Snapdocs as a notary. She’s sticking it to her own community.

Check her out on RIPOFFREPORT. A simple google search is very revealing.

Dan, Rule #1 Never pay for a listing, then you are now the customer.
Only sign up for FREE listings, I do 5-9 signings per day, and I never paid for a listing.
(Also never pay for higher listing ranking, it never pays for itself)

Good luck.

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Just got a notice that my claim against them was upheld by my credit card company and my $39 was refunded.