Accepting a signing offer

I am recently retired and have decided to become a signing agent in order to have some part time work and extra money since I have extensive experience in the real estate/loan business. I have done all the legwork and have signed up with a number of companies. I have received several text messages about new signings but no matter how quickly I respond another notary always gets the assignment. I would appreciate knowing the secret to being able to successfully accept an assignment. Thanks!

The only secret I know of is to make sure all your information for these sites is up to date. You just have to keep responding to the messages.

I just started in this business as a side job - I work full-time days. My area is somewhat rural so I got calls right away. Go onto Notary Sites and click on “Find A Notary”. If there are many in your area, then you won’t be as busy. There are only three in my area and my picture is more professional looking. I have more signing jobs that I can handle (about 7 offers a week). Since I’m limited to after 5:00 pm, I have to turn many away. I still average about 4 a week. Since October 1, I’ve done 46 signings and have billed over $3660. Since there are so few in my area, I can haggle on fees. I haven’t collected on most of it yet, but since it’s not my main source of income, I don’t mind the delay. Good luck to you.

Thanks Susan! I’ll keep trying. Hoping I can get started this month.

Thanks for your input Sarah. I have been getting offers but can never accept the offer quickly enough to get the job. I took your advice and there are several notaries in my area. I think I need to be more patient. I know that December is always a busy month in the mortgage business so I hope to receive some closings before year end. Happy holidays!