Affidait of Insurance

Good afternoon,
I received a request to notarize an affidavit of insurance for a client who was involved in an accident in 2018. what i find irregular is that most of the questions are blank. (not answered) and the person has a date of birth 1928? do I need to worry about it, just confirm she will be signing with her own free will? any guidance will be appreciated.
Thank you

You can’t notarize an incomplete or blank document…

And it’s an affidavit … She will be swearing to the truth of the statements. Refer to your handbook


Oh My God! Your instincts are correct. It is irregular and (possibly) illegal. Here’s a rule of thumb. Always when in doubt do not sign. A few bucks is not worth it. And this is only one of the reasons why notaries should always keep up with their current state laws.

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This one caught my eye. As you know affidavits are signed under penalty of perjury so if she raises her hand and swears it’s all true then you did your job. However nobody in their right mind would swear to a blank affidavit. The cool thing about a phone contact is you can decline it and move on to the next opportunity. But you’ve already met with her, notarized the document and are now having second thoughts. Correct? If that’s true it’s too late to go back and void the notarization.

No, I did not. I declined it.