ALL calls stopped

Hi, I’m new, I went live 1/4/2021 I have done 10 signings I have done 3 refi’s with no errors, no call backs got paid. I live in Texas and was getting job text across my phone often, then we had a freeze, not normal for Houston. All of my calls stopped. I have had 1 company continue to send me loan mods and I have done them but not one text from Signing Order since Feb 14. I haven’t blown it so I do not have a clue what happened. I was getting stuff from Loan-Closers and Signing Order, not one more, that seems odd to me and can not figure it out, why would they quit like that and how do I figure it out??

Lenders most likely put a hold on things until possible damage assessments are done…frozen pipes, water damage…

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I am going through the same thing. After 2 weeks of my credentials being verified, I received 10 notifications my first week. After that, NOTHING… I checked my profile to ensure everything is in line and still nothing. It has been roughly 30 days…


For me personally this is one of the many reasons why I stopped doing loan signings. This happened to me last year too where no more calls from escrow officers. I don’t have time to sit and wait for business or work from escrow officers and signing services because bills need to be paid. I need a steady income.
Be blessed.


I don’t get it either except mine came with the freeze. I hope to get some other Notary work. I am hatching a plan to go market to some other areas. I like the loan work and would like to keep doing it but I want to be more diverse. Good luck! Did it pick back up after the month down

I just started over a month ago, even though I did not have any intentions for this to be full time for me, I noticed that am getting less notifications also. I am only on my 4th signing (all refi’s) I was hoping to get more signings in order to sign up with Xome. I feel for those who are in it full time and it may be slow for them too.

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I have also experienced a slow two weeks (I’m in Austin). I believe this is because banks/lenders want to make sure the properties they’ve financing have not had major damage that would devalue them.

I’ve actually had some calls to notarize T-47 affadavits that people need to start/continue the refinance progress. Until now, I’ve only had to notarize them with the final loan documents.

I’m finding it a bit nerve-wracking to sit by the phone rn, but with interest rates this low (and likely to go up in the near future) I’m expecting the demand has just bottlenecked and will surge within a few weeks.

I’m trying to take this sime to catch up on paperwork/taxes/other housekeeping stuff. Hoping it picks up soon for both of us :slight_smile:

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Well, I understand how you feel. Im making my 4th pair of PJs for my 3 yr old grandson. I have been doing a few loan mods but have 2 Regis coming up that makes me hopeful. I’m a realtor so get the T-47. Good luck to you too! Hey do you do Apostille???

I’ve done 3 Regis and have 2 upcoming. It hit a hard time to get going Good luck to you. Xome has declined me x2 for experience

I signed up with Xome hoping they will take me. I was told the same thing as you. Servicelink however, told me that I needed 6mos experience or 50 signings and so at least I know have a goal. We shall see. I hope the best for you as well

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it will start back up once them checks paid out for the damage of the freeze.

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Snapdocs is a platform and all types of platforms use algorithm (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Since you were inactive the algorithm isn’t picking you up yet.

The same thing happens to me everytime I take any time off. Once a few do roll in the algorithm will pick you back up.

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The same thing has happened to me. When I first put my profile up here, Timios started sending me constant emails, however I had to turn down many of them because they conflicted with my school bus driving job. I finally got one that I was able to do and there were some mistakes made with it being my first signing but the second time around I got it right, I did make some mistakes but I caught them before sending the docs in, so there should be no problem. It was after calling the vendor manager and asking him if he could check to see about me getting paid because I wasn’t familiar with how their website worked that the emails stopped from them. I am dealing with another company named Mason Signature Closers whom I call multipke times daily to check in and have done one signing for them but no more emails from Timios. I called the vendor manager and left a voice mail asking what was up as well as sending him an email but nothing. I wonder if I ticked them off or what but no way of knowing.

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Its very hard, because you don’t always know if there was a mistake. I have called a couple of places directly to find out and everything seems to be fine. I have one place that has not paid, it was my first job 10 pages no errors but they apparently have a reputation so no more work for them. It’s to bad because they are intown with me. I live in Houston and we do not seem to be a hub of signing services. I’m signed with 3 intown and that is the only job I have done from a local company. The calls seem to be getting a little better. I did a Refi yesterday have another scheduled and have missed a few things with other companies that seem to be harder for me to win the jobs. Express Notary seems to be easy for me and they have mixed reviews on paying so I’m really praying they do because I am 100’s of dollars into them just this month. Good luck

In 3 weeks I have done 1 refinance and that is it. I start looking at all I have invested and wondering did I blow this big time. I have had timers call me 4 times and I told them I can do the job and hear nothing. This is the thing that really burns me I get copied on the emails for the job and they got the work not me.I am in OKC and The are building like crazy but no call’s is there anyone from OKC on here besides me I would like to hear how you are doing sorry this is so long but I needed to vent

how much was signing order paying for purchases or refis ??

April, 2021 , first 2 weeks are very slow for me, no signing work for me, I dont go for low ballers.

I’m not entirely certain that this is the case, but I have seen it happen in other industries: It’s tax season. Think like a home buyer/owner. This is when people are saying to themselves, “Let’s hold off on buying a new house / refinancing until we’ve done our taxes and know what we have to pay the IRS.”
Then, once they have done their taxes and it’s behind them, they can turn their attention to mortgages which can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to complete before sending any paperwork on to us.
If you consider that most people put off their taxes until close to the last minute, you discover that the end of March to the end of April are going to be a little (LOT!!) slower.
For the newbies, hold tight. I’ve gone from 3-5/day to having long distance/low-ballers for the last week. It will pass, I promise.


It would be wise to do more then one discipline. I think bookkeeping is a good field or photography or something else in combination with signing agent work for consistency. If you want to do well you have to stop thinking like an employee if your thinking like an employee and wanting immediate benefits you will surely fail.

I tried to sign up with xome today (4/29) and they are no longer letting new people join!