Anyone hear of

Anyone hear of Been getting communications from them for the Smyrna TN area. Forty dollar fee but pay schedule is good and states pays 2 days after closing

Hey Madalynjones,
I am in Antioch TN, and I am getting the same emails. I looked them up on the BBB website and they do not have any info on them. I don’t want to put my info out there to them and it’s a fraud.

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Thanks for the input. Was also leary. That is why I reach out to the community.

Thanks for that information. I am a newbie in Memphis, TN and I was just looking into this company to sign up. Do you TN ladies have any direction for me?

Until you can get more verified info on them I would say hold off. I am fairly new also am I am doing okay without taking undue risk.

I am receiving more emails from companies wanting me to join their team in Tennessee. I won’t none of them are credible. I have a list of agencies to sign up with and that task alone is keeping me busy. Have any of you ladies joined any chat groups in TN for Notaries?

If you’re not sure, do not respond

How did they find you? Possibly the source will have more information on the company. I don’t like the fee idea unless it secures you work, certain amount of appointments and set fee that works for you.

They are a SCAM! I found out the hard way. they promise if you get no signings within the first 30 - 60 days they would refund your money. well 16 months later, I have never received an offer, and when I called and emailed for a refund my calls and emails were ignored. and if you google them, I am 1 of hundreds if not thousands that was scammed. SCAM ALERT


I joined Notary Portal in April. 60 days later , No signings or correspondence. I emailed them and requested a full refund. Notary Portal responded that they would refund my money, but so far I have not seen the $$$.

Have you contacted your credit card company to dispute?

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