Beginner's question

I am a new certified signing agent and has not been able to get one signing from either platform I sign up with. I respond available to every text and email. Anyone willing help me get a couple leads with my first signing?

With the uptick in interest rates, everyone is really slow right now. Don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.
One BIG warning…with the decrease in volume, hiring parties are beginning to act like they see desperation in notaries and are offering way too low fees hoping to find a stupid one who has no idea what is involved, nor their expenses. Which means newbies. Don’t fall into that trap. Take the slow time to actually figure out your expenses and the PROFIT you need to earn.

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Thank you, Arichter! I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.

You also need to get Fidelity approved for many company’s to recognize you as a new signer and accept your “I’m available” remarks. I’m new and found that was the reason I was having issues getting company’s to “accept” my “yes I’m free”. And yes, it is slower since I started in April, by quite a bit. And signings sometimes get sent to the experience signers before trickling down to us. See more information under snap docs for more information on how they hand out leads.

Hi, I have renewed lately trying to get back into mobile notary. What do you mean by Fidelity Approved?
Thank you , Sandi B

I believe I found then when signing up at

They told me “Any signing company would need to have those on file for the notary they wish to use for a Fidelity file. This way they will be compliant with the Fidelity signing agent requirements.”

I had a hard time finding it on their site. You can email them and ask where it’s at.