Cafe Membership

Ok Café…bring it on!

I have just signed up for your PRO status and expect to get some calls from you!! I have 4+ years experience and have completed thousands of successful notarizations…GNW and NSA.

Time will tell if this was money well spent. Hoping for the best.

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I don’t know, I sign up pro status now for about 2 months and have not receive a signing thru them.

I just signed up too and am hoping to get some signings best of luck to us.

Hello - I just signed up today as Pro. I hope that since April you have been receiving jobs!?!?! What’s your experience here? Thanks.

I want to put my 0.2 in… N.C., NR, 123, are a place to have the best resume about your notary abilities, rate you charge, area you will cover… It’s a public platform where those who are looking for a notary can search from everybody that is a notary. The person searching will pick the notary of choice from all those listed in the area to be serviced… What makes your info “pop” and say choose me? There is no counter to say how many people searched and looked at your info and choose you or not choose you!!! JMO