Covid Hazard Pay

I have an upcoming closing and typically ask the 3 standard COVID questions. The customer responded that they have been around clients that have COVID directly and indirectly due to their profession. (With ppe). (They have no symptoms) This location is also one of the current hotspots for infection rates.
Due to their profession, I don’t foresee the closing being postponed until exposure is limited.
With that being said…what is reasonable/fair when it comes to hazard pay? Has anyone countered back for an additional fee with a company?

Several things come to mind. Have they been tested in the last 14 days? Just because they don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean they are not a carrier. Might want to see what kind of precautions are taken for the signing. Personally, I would not take this.

As for hazard pay, we should have been paid this before states started to open up since we were considered ‘essential’. Once I was able to get another $10. Unfortunately, Title companies and signing companies are still lowballing. Good luck!!

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The prices we can charge is very dependent upon the area of the country. I have given similar information here before. I live in Roanoke, VA

$200 minimum in Roanoke, VA (I don’t walk out the door for less even if it is 1 page.)
$100 if they want me the same day they call me
$100 for Sat and Sun
$50 for critical docs scanbacks
$100 if they want all the docs scanned back
$100 per hour for travel (For example, if the signing is 2 hour round trip then extra $200)

I stay busy and have to turn down jobs that I don’t have time to do.

A company called “NotaryGo” sends out work for $60. A lady is taking those jobs in our area. I would be highly surprised is she is still in the business next year. BUT they will always be some new people who will take the low paying job trying to get experience. I don’t worry about it.

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Yes, I am now charging $25 additional for Covid conditions: mask, supplying disposible blue ink pens (new to each signer), antibacterial lotion (all signers and me at the table). I also try and sign outside (a patio table if possible), it’s a pain because of the wind (I also take paper weights). If they don’t want to pay it, turn it down.

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Like Blackburnns i have been able to get an additional $20 for Covid related expenses in most cases.