EU Pager Sizes Default to Letter Only

I am a new NSA and was assigned a signing, days in advance. I confirmed the appointment with the client days in advance as well. Each following day that I didn’t receive docs I called the signing service who checked with escrow. Docs are coming, don’t worry they said.

About an hour before my scheduled departure time I received docs and started to review them on my computer screen. Besides finding that an additional singer would be needed to sign off of the original deed, (divorce situation) everything looked normal. The additional signer was not indicated anywhere in the instructions or notes and according to the borrower, he was not made aware that this additional signature was needed.

I asked the borrower to track down the ex-wife and have her available to sign. I printed two packages and jumped into the car and left on the 60-mile drive to the subject property. Along the way, I was able to confirm that his ex-wife would be there for the signing.

The singing went perfect until I got the 1003 when I noticed that it was printed on letter-size paper. How could that be? I have a new Brother 6200 printer which seems to work flawlessly.

The bottom line is that whatever .pdf maker escrow was using had started embedding UE paper sizes beginning in the middle of the 156-page package. My printer then installed trays (electronically) to accommodate those sizes but there were no physical trays present, so my printer then defaulted to printing everything after that in letter size.

It was a beautiful package other than that. I notified the SS and escrow of the problem along with screen prints of the wrong paper sizes but have not heard back. That night I did volunteer to return back to the borrows home and fix any issues but there was no response.

I still don’t know if I am going to get paid on it.

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Fritz, “no news is good news” usually in situations like this, also not quite sure if the UE was your problem. I too have the 6200 and had the same problem. Adobe DC did an update that caused a glitch in the printer properties making the printer not switch between trays when .PDF image size changes. Adobe is currently working with Brother and HP to resolve the issue (if you use DC reader).


I literally work with over 100 signing companies, title companies and lenders and the bottom line with all of them is they expect us to go thru docs page by page prior to signing to ensure on correct size paper and that the fonts are legible and all characters in place with nothing missing (which is an issue among signing agents and their printers.) I can never trust the files I receive - and it’s good that I don’t because I have found several issues and errors over the years.

I always make sure the “actual size” box is checked and “choose paper source by PDF size” box is checked (On Adobe). This way you are printing exactly what they sent you, so they cant complain.