Adobe issues

Am I the only one having issues with Adobe all of the sudden? I’m at a loss why and when it changed. It now shows legal size as different size then an actual 11x14! After 3 hours with Adobe team, even getting on my system, showing them just last week my loan docs were all reading correctly, they ended saying it was the sender’s fault. Really?!? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now, and with the same results. I’m losing serious money and losing signings. Does anyone know what I could possibly do??

I have not experienced this problem. But, I suggest using a paper separator/page sorter for now so you can continue with your signings. With this, you don’t need to use Adobe. Notary Rotary has a great tool under resources.

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Are you using a MacBook?

I’m using Windows 11

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I’ll run over there now, albeit I have never accessed that before. I hope I don’t need one an
account! Thank you for responding.

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You’re welcome. I hope this helps you.

I am not a fan of adobe, never use it

Hi there,
What program do you use?

Legal paper is 8.5 by 14 inches. Not sure if you just made a typo in your post, or something stranger is going on.


What brand and model printer are you using? Is the printer a dual tray model? I’m suspect the problem maybe a configuration issue either with the driver of the printer,

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Definitely positive my Brother’s Dual Tray Printer settings are accurate.
I had Brother’s Help on the phone prior to the Adobe call.
Thank you for replying.

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Yes, I was referring to 8x14.

I’m going to assume, after spending considerable time on the phone with the help desks, you’ve got your Adobe and PC driver setting set up correctly. I’ve experienced problems with the page size/setting on the Adobe document aren’t set up correctly, as you’re suspicious of happening. I discovered this when I got ready to print, was to look at the preview and see what the page sizes were set to. Changing the page sizes once the file has been locked isn’t possible.

It could be India Legal size instaed of USA legal size
its a fraction off
My Brother printer has a drop down panel with an extra feed I now use 3 feeds for my paper.
HOWEVER…I DID notify the Signing Company ,who checked it, and Changed Format
You Already Hit Print to fit ? check ur printer page setting too, Im sure u have

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Thanks to the good folks here, I tried the Notory Rotory site, that has saved me from the Adobe crisis, and I can downgrade to the bare minimum now with Adobe, or just quit them.

Sometimes the title company scans the docs in a non-stated size, if that’s the case, just uncheck the “print as size received”, all pages will print as letter size, or if all pages are 11x14, just select print all legal size only. Then have the signing company increase your pay, because legal paper is not cheap.

You can use Adobe dc reader it’s free!

Which app do you use for PDF?

I’m not sure. I just press print and the program that is in the computer shows up. I don’t have an additional app or program that I use. It’s windows 10 I think.

I’m not sure. I press print on my computer and use whatever shows up. I have windows 10