Adobe all of sudden is not recognizing paper size

All of sudden today, adobe isn’t distinguishing between letter and legal. Everything is set properly but I am wondering if anyone else is having issues all of a sudden.?? I have multiple HP 4350 printers and it is affecting both so it is not printer settings. Both have been deleted and then reinstalled, reset factory setting and reassigned the paper trays. I hit print and it will only print letter and cut off all legal pages. HELP if others have had this issue recently and what did you do to fix.

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This happened to me this week too. I had to delete the drivers and go to my manufacturers website to redownload and install the drivers. I was going to reinstall adobe but when I went to their site they were trying to push a new subscription based product on me.

I don’t know if this will help you, but it worked for me. Good luck.

Some sort of update created this and many have complained. Quite a few solved it by using Foxit in place of Adobe. I also found this fix, which several say worked for them:

“I found this on the Adobe Support Community and it worked for me:
Steps to turn off the ‘Protected Mode’ :
Launch Acrobat
Click on Edit (from Menu Bar) > Preferences
Click on ‘Security (Enhanced)’
Uncheck ‘Enable Protected Mode at startup (Preview)’ > Click Yes (on popup)
5. Click on OK > Close & Re-Launch application and check.”


You are my HERO!!! I used your fix from the support community and wa-la. Printers are 'fixed!! Thank you sooo much. I greatly appreciate your assistance. I have 3 printers, 2 I used daily to print the packages and 1 for a spare in case 1 goes bad, so I was dumb struck when this occurred.

Thank you for your reply. I seen 2 replies and thought I would try the other one first, so I wasn’t installing and uninstalling computer drivers , which may confuse my scanners. I am back in business with simple clicks of the button. Thank you for willing reply and I greatly appreciate your response.

OMG, I just had that same issue. I found out that Microsoft had a system update and its not Adobe. The update changed my printer driver and created a driver with the network address. I was about in tears needless to say. I had my TBS.Toshiba tech remote into my pc and he found that the generic Microsoft IPP driver had been added. He updated my printer driver for my device and now it works just fine. Check your driver and update it to the latest driver for you printer manufacturer.

Worked like a charm. Thank you for sharing.

I saw this on Adobe Support. I bet there were lots of notaries scrambling to figure out why our docs were not printing correctly! Ugh! Why can’t they fix these bugs before they unleash this upon us! Thanks for posting Arichter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Acrobat Pro. Surprisingly useful! $14.99 a month, never see wingdings or goofball updates. Tax deductible expense.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lost a couple of hundred bucks over this yesterday and hours of my and an IT guys time… Should have known to come here. Up and printing again.

December 2020 my printers gave me my headaches. I’m fortunate my son is a Microsoft Tech and logged into my pc and fixed something that I totally don’t understand. Both my printers are good again. I do know situation had to do with updates ~ combination of Adobe, Microsoft, HP and Dell all doing their updates within days of each other. I know updates are necessary but when our systems have specific parameters and updates use generic settings messes up our world and they don’t provide fixes for weeks infuriating.

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I printed my documents, went to the signing, received an email that was regarding the Adobe software update while at the signing table but didn’t read it at that time. Fortunately I was able to print the legal size pages after I got home and none of the signature pages were compromised.
I’m printing another set of documents right now and my HP printer is printing them painfully slow. I hope Adobe has a new update for this printing issue and my printer will start printing normally again. What a pain in the rear!!! Anyone else’s printer printing slowly?

Worked! Thank you so much. I have a different version of Acrobat and had used it as a work around but now the new version is working again.

I received an email a few days ago about this issue. Followed the instructions and wa la it was fixed.

I had the exact same issue. I used Foxit in place of Adobe and it fixed it.
Try installing Foxit in place of Adobe for the fix.

Thank you Arichter! This happened to us yesterday. Printed the first set of docs fine and the second set printed all letter! Your experience and advice is gold and much appreciated!

Yup. I was able to get that fixed as AmRock sent me an email showing me how to fix that.

I tried to fix adobe reader but the edit would not work. I uninstalled and went with Foxit.

Just an FYI… Foxit is a Chinese program.

I had same problem. I use Page Separator and it separates letter and legal pages. I love Page Separator software. Well worth the money.