Faxbacks and fax services

I have an all in one printer but no landline, only WiFi. Does anyone use an online wireless fax service? If so, which ones offer the most amount of encrypted faxes per month that also allow for large PDF files, larger than 19.1mb at a reasonable rate? I had my very first signing last night and the entire package had to be faxed back. It was a nightmare!! After splitting up the PDF.’s into 6 smaller ones & several attempts to fax them. I never received the transmission confirmation that I was supposed to receive, so I don’t even know if the company got them. When I didn’t receive confirmation after sending the first 3, I sent 5 emails 2PDF’s on the first email m, then 1 on each following email. After all of this, I didn’t get to bed til very late. So again I ask, would it be less expensive and less hassle to have a landline for my all in one printer, or sign up with an online wireless fax service?

Get a stand-alone scanner & forget faxing. Haven’t faxed in 10 years, but that used to be the norm, hence the term ‘faxbacks’ when they really mean scanback–usually to their website, but often as an e-mail attachment.


Even when a service asks for a fax back, they are normally good with scan backs, usually just takes asking the question. If you already have an all in one, why pay for additional hardware/software. use what you have.

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Thank you Hortons. Sorry for the late reply. I did find out that I really don’t need to ask whether or not I can do scanbacks instead of fax backs, the industry just hasn’t changed the term ”fax back” to “scanback”. Although it does still make me a little nervous so I just inform them instead of asking that I will scan back, then if they have a problem with that and really expect fax back, they will inform me at that time. Thanks again for your input :slightly_smiling_face:

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