Fidelity Approved inquiry - need a phone number if possible

Hi everyone,
I was Fidelity approved for years. The other day, someone called me and asked me if I was Fidelity approved and I said yes. They ended up removing me from a signing that was going to take place this week and never informed me. Snap Docs left me a message about the assignment and told me that they could not find me Fidelity approved. I am not sure what happened here.
My question is, does anyone have a specific contact or a phone number that I can call to discuss this issue with Fidelity? I have been trying to get a contact so I can clarify this. Unfortunately I cannot find the documents that I had on Fidelity to find a contact. If anyone can assist, I am grateful, Thanks Maria

Are you a nsa under bancserv?

Yes, I am. Does this mean that I am covered? I am not clear on what I need to to next. I never had a call like that before.

I would conrtact bancserv and inquire about your status.

Thank you for your support on this.

There are different ways to be Fidelity Approved. If you are “FA” under a specific signing service (let’s use C2C as an example) - then you are not Fidelity Approved under ABC Notary Service. You have to have that approval and paperwork for each signing service directly.

Now, if you are Fidelity Approved as an independent contractor under a specific title company, that is an umbrella of being FA through everyone (I believe). If you are FA under BancServ, then BancServ can use you for anything they have that comes across as Fidelity.

From what I have been told directly by Fidelity (I’ve made this mistake personally, so this is how I know so much about this) they haven’t been approving individual Notaries for a few years now due to the influx. So your best bet is to get the FA umbrella under each company that you work with and continue to do work with them.

Hope this helps.

that’s a different approval for Fidelity than Snapdocs.

Hey Denise
Thank you, very helpful. I appreciate the info.

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