Frustrated organizing loan packages. .

I’m spending a lot of time going through packages received to weed out what needs to be addressed by me as a Notary Signing Agent and what is apparently for someone else (title, etc.) down the road in the process. I’m finding it extremely frustrating that there are duplicates (last package had 2 Closing Disclosures (one on legal and one on letter size. Same thing for the Note.). BOTH a 4506-T and the new 4506-C that replaces it. Also random loose acknowledgements (that clearly don’t belong to any document). 5 or 6 fax cover sheets with UPC bar codes. One had a direction to change the funding date on THE RIGHT TO CANCEL form. WHAT???

What steps does the package go through before it gets to me? It seems like a lot of random things are thrown in that don’t apply to the specific closing (like VA directions or forms when it’s not a VA closing). It’s like the new 4506 form. They just threw it in. Same with Closing directions. TONS of them don’t apply to me (actually apply to the Loan Officer, etc.) and are a waste of my time.

Is this just the nature of the beast, so to speak? I can’t imagine being about to do more than one closing a day at this rate.

PLEASE CHIME IN, even if it’s for a “misery loves company” effect. LOL

I hear you…and know that you will learn which ones to ignore. I just return 'em as they printed. (I just had one with FOUR different pages, each of which said ‘Place this on top’). They got 'em back as they printed.


Exactly right - as the Signing Agent you’re responsible for printing and returning all pages, even the ones not meant for the borrower or Signing Agent to address at the signing table. Keep everything in order and you will become accustomed with how to move thru them.
Some lenders require multiple copies of the Closing Disclosure to be signed, as well as others like you mentioned, so be sure not to skip any steps - even if it seems redundant.
It’s unusual that extra certificates will be added, but it does happen - possibly as an accommodation if a replacement is needed on an existing pre-printed certificate. Do not complete them otherwise.


Welcome to reality and what is NOT taught in NSA classes. Important to return docs in format printed or not happy campers on the other end regardless of similar forms in different areas of pkg such as Loan Applications. Lot to remember especially when lenders and escrow send messed up docs. If docs are too messed up, I do call or email the team involved. Hopefully in the future, pkgs will become more stream lined and better organized. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the last 5 years. Good luck!


Also note that different people throughout the loan process receive a copy of the signed closing disclosure. A lot of documents are multiples for a reason. I agree, some are unnecessary but I print as I receive the file and send it back the same way.


I have attended several closings where…get this. Title had buyer sign 9 closing disclosures.
Heaven help us !


When I print, I go through the pdf and print just what needs signing first. Then I go back and print any misc. pdf. I do not print blank pages, fax cover sheets or other superfluous documents. On borrower copies I eliminate anything that they do not sign. It cuts down on paper usage, toner and time.

As remote notaries we’re the also the printer for each entity in the chain of custody. Since we bear the cost of printing the other links in the chain have no incentive to reduce the volume of documents. I’ve closed on some VA Refis that held 280 pages. Each entity (Lender, Title, Lawyers, Closing agent, Title Agent, SS, etc.) place their tack of boiler plate on top the one before. I have one Closing Agent who attached a Jurat to everything including the notary self certification which I return unsigned.

I don’t sort or reorganize the package. I do review the package before printing. I print up to the critical docs like the CD, Notice to Rescind, Compliance Agreements, Deed, Note, etc. and paper clip them. I then continue the print job. This helps me locate these docs for the signers during the signing. Meanwhile I let the second copy print without interruption.

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