Has anyone had experience with franklin American mortgage

Hi, I am a newbie,

Received an email from a brian at franklin American mortgage about closing a loan. Does anyone have experience with this company?

No experience with the co. BUT, while it’s good to establish a relationship with the lender’s rep (so you are the requested go-to person in your area), lenders don’t hire notaries–TC does…or TC thru SS.

Unusual they would contact you directly. Usually through the title company or another service. I have not closed for them but they are a solid company.

Sudden thought… re contact from Lender…and you’re an admitted newbie. Could be looking for an unknowledgeable newb to offer a ridiculously low fee. Then tell SS or TC to send order. Never ever less than $100…and then it has to be a normal pkg. size, very close to home, no scanbacks OR you charge MORE!

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I was surprised that a lender called you direct. I’ve never had that happen. All of my work comes from Signing companies or direct from the title company. I would be suspicious of this call.

Unless they are an independent mortgage broker…I’ve been hired by a few of these over the years.