Has anyone heard of them?


The prices are absurd, I feel as if its a scam. Has anyone ever heard of this . I was up late at 2 am roaming around looking for new companies and they gave me a call from Oklahoma asking me if i was interested. Hopefully nobody got scammed by them already , any thoughts.

I also just signed up with CX choice, NotaryDash, Msclosingservices, bbs notary, sunshine signing connections inc,Mav sign,initialhere.com, a360inc.com. Just a few companies im willing to test out. Out of all my companies i am partnered with. I have to give it to title 365, and mortgage connect. I happen to make friends with the closing managers and they automatically text me orders to my phone instead of me having to chase after signings getting accepted 5 seconds after appearing. Make connections, it is the best thing you can do for yourself in this business.

I remember them well. They spam your email 3 times a day. I had to block the site.

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ever paid them anything? if so were they successful ?

Not one dime just lots of spam