How do I increase the signings I am offered?

I am a Pro Member on Notary Cafe and I know I am receiving some signings from signing companies finding me here and calling me directly but I am not actually getting any that use this service so the signings I am doing in the last 12 and last 3 months show up on here. I see some CSA’s that have over 300 in a year. Mine is at the top in my zip code but I have zero and zero so I am sure I am doing something wrong. I think SNAPDOCS is my main way of getting signings lately which is pathetic compared to my competitors. I need help, especially since I started doing this full time now.

How do anyone get paid working with Coast 2 Coast through Snapdocs? I work for 30 day already but not yet get paid? Do they via email check on the follow weekend?

123Notay was the main source for my first year. I also printed out the list of signing agencies and went to their web site and signed up with over 500 companies but many companies that i had done work for still used 123notary.

C2C says they pay “net 30” but, their terms say that checks are only mailed on Fridays. In reality, they email checks the following Tuesday or Wednesday. You should start sending them messages on Snapdocs when your invoices get close to 30 days and keep bugging them until you get all of your money. THEN hit the “IGNORE” link on Snapdocs and don’t do any more work for them. You’ll thank yourself!!