How do we know who's looking?

I’ve been doing signings for a little over a month. I’m loving this, but not really making a whole lot of money thru signing companies and I look forward to breaking out on my own when I have a little more experience! So far, a title company and a real estate attorney have called me to see if I was available for a signing. Unfortunately, I was not available for either :frowning: but I was still excited that they contacted me. Just wondering how they found me, Does notary Cafe or notaryrotary or 123 notary show who looked at your profiles? This would be good to know for marketing purposes.

None of those keep a record. The only thing you can do is ask where they found you–(which is also a good stall while you are figuring out what fee to quote that’s profitable!)


Notary Rotary shows you how many looks your profile has gotten. Thats the only one I know of.

Hi @dal225.sherrill, welcome to Notary Cafe. Hiring companies find us in so many ways. Some use this NotaryCafe “Find a Notary” option. Some also look at our SigningAgentdotcom profiles (Signing Agent). Many will even use Google maps to find us. I agree the best way to know how a hiring company found you is to ask when they call.

Odalys, I glanced at your profile and if you are open suggestions, I have a couple recommendations to help increase your chances at more job opportunities. Consider the following in your online profiles:

  • increase E&O ($25k will not be sufficient for many hiring companies; $100k is the norm for NSAs)
  • expand your service area (there are 67 counties in Florida and serving only 4 counties limits you)
  • expand distance willing to travel (see above)
  • remove any wording about being newly commissioned in your profile and instead emphasize your skills and experience. Hiring companies can already see from your profile how long you have had a notary commission. Consider also removing your guarantee that you won’t make mistakes. We’re all human and we make mistakes, especially when we are brand new. Instead, emphasize to prospective hiring companies that you are professional and reliable and that you strive to do your very best for them. Or words to that effect.

These are just suggestions. Lots of helpful information to be found here in Notary Cafe. I wish you the best of luck in your signing agent career.



Thank you, this is wonderful advice! I do plan to increase my E&O, just need to recuperate some of the money I have invested thus far. Although I am not sure about expanding my service area. As it is, these are large counties and so far almost every signing I’ve had has been over an hour there and back. I love to drive, but have you seen the price of gas? lol, I am going to work on my wording in my profile. Again thank you for your excellent advice.

Last month Google said I had over 2 thousand people view my notary website. It even broke down the report by age and gender. As it turns out most of them are men and women 50 years of age or older. These are people who are requiring a notary. Of the actual calls I get most non business related ones get refered to a UPS Store. But some are either incapacitated or infirm, the bread and butter clients for general notary work.

Though that is not your question.

Your potential clients are in the mortgage business so you must focus on getting their attention. Accepting ridiculously low fees for your services is a great way to build a client base, just be sure to remember that it’s your low fees that attracted them to you. Once you raise your fees to a point where it’s profitable for you your clients stop looking.

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