How important is your mobile phone for your work

Honestly, when I want to get work done, I go for my laptop, because a tablet/phone is just a little weak for my tastes. But I know many people are getting a lot done on their devices due to the mobile nature of the notary business.

So how much do you depend on the 'smart’ness of your smart phone? Do you need it to be high powered? Do you depend on mobile site and apps for getting the job done?


I don’t use my “smart phone” as my computer. That aspect does come in handy, but usually not for NSA work. However, I do use the phone to check on e-mails while I’m away from my home office as well as keep in contact with the signing service/title company or the borrower when needed. I have filed my completion report a few times using my phone, but I’d rather wait until I’m home and using my desktop computer with a much larger screen.


Well I am pretty happy to hear that you found the phone-version of completion report useful, at least a few times. We put a lot of thought into making that a mobile-friendly feature. I guess the next logical question is, What do you wish you could do on your phone that you can’t already? (for your notary business)

Don’t have nor want a Smartphone because connectivity is a major issue in my area. Am also happy with NOT getting messages similar to the non-informative e-mails I receive about ‘signing opportunities in my area’ that are not my area (sometimes not even my state) and don’t contain enough info to make a rational decision as to whether or not it’s an acceptable offer. Far and away prefer a phone call.

Smart phone is very important to me. I need it because I get closing requests from clients via text or email and I want to respond as soon as possible. It keeps me up there as one of their preferred notaries. I also have a team of notaries who work with me and I need to be able to send documents while I am away from the office, as well as be able to take calls in case there are any issues. My preferred smart phone, for security reasons, is a BlackBerry Classic. No, they are not dead. They are doing well. I think every mobile notary would need to have a smart phone if they are going to be as successful as possible.

I am tired of the mass texts that go out for a signing. Texting and driving is against the law and very dangerous. Yet if you wait 15 seconds to answer its too late.

Sometimes I respond IMMEDIATELY (within a few seconds, just long enough to read the location and the fee) and I still don’t get the job. I often wonder how the “winner” of these mass texts are chosen…first come first served, or do they wait until they get enough positive responses and choose who they want?

In my experience…they wait. I’ll get a text for ‘too little fee’, reply w/MY fee and maybe 4 hours later, get another text with a slightly higher fee, but not MY fee. This can literally go on for days; sometimes I get the job eventually; sometimes not. This ‘proof’ will only happen in a low-saturation area like mine.

I’m in a high saturation area (Los Angeles) and have found that responding to a mass text with “Fee too low” will not get you anywhere. They’ll just move on to someone else. The only times I’ve been successful in negotiating a higher fee is when they call on the phone and ask me specifically to do a job.

I’ve gotten much work via texts, but also lost many due to waiting to text back safely or having to wait until I finish a closing. First come first serve isn’t that fair.

Yes to everything. Having a smart phone enables you to be at work while shopping and having a life outside of your office, whether it be a physical office or home office. I get many job offers during my dinner hour. I can accept, view the confirmation page, print it and call the borrower and confirm the appointment and not have to go to my computer.

I agree. I lost an assignment because I was driving and could not reference my calendar in traffic. The caller seemed annoyed that I would not look at my smartphone while driving.

I couldn’t live without my smartphone for my Notary Business. I enter all of my Notary assignments in the Iphone calendar and set reminders so I will never miss a signing. I also put in the address, so I can see exactly where the signing is and how many miles away it is. I live in Orange County, CA and the calendar automatic map feature also gives me invaluable traffic info. I sometimes close out signings on my iphone. But most importantly, having it on me at all times has assured that I get all my notary calls and keep my business booming.

Alisa Hamilton

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I agree Steve…I’m in Orange County…they just go on to the next notary!

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It’s the communication and scheduling tool. As signing companies are shifting to (yuck, but it’s here) texting assignments, responding quickly means more work. (Though how on earth they can think “mobile notary” is compatible with “I can pull over every 10 minutes to accept text assignments” is beyond me) The calendar is invaluable. Pulling up assignment sheets to verify or confirm info, calling a loan officer from the table, downloading packages and sending them to the office printer… The phone is vital.

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Remotely print a large download from my phone to my office printer.

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It is absolutely necessary for me as I can’t run my business without it.

It’s an odd question. How important is your printer for your work? Mobile phone and printer are critical.

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It is a weird question. Again, my phone is my LIFE, both personal and work. I do everything on it including printing!

I currently have a Smartphone, 4G, however, considering upgrading to a 5G. It will be somewhat an expense since I am still in a contract. My goal to the upgrade is hoping this will give better response times to signing order texts and email. Will the 5G upgrade do this ?Your thoughts and expertise?