How many of you guys do recording as well for the signing jobs?

Am I correct in assuming that every loan i get hired to be a closing agent for, that they need someone to do the recording as well? How many of you guys do that?

As a Notary Signing Agent - probably not. I’ve never had to do it - all you do is get the package, print two copies, meet with borrowers, get signatures, notarize where applicable and drop package. Every so often a company may need the notary to go record the security instrument immediately - in my experience though, those are few and far between and also command another fee.

You mentioned closing agent so not sure where you are - are you in a state where this is in your realm of expertise?

I live in a rural area and sometimes I’m asked to do recordings; actually piece of cake you just take the deed to court house, after they record it Title will have given you a shipping label to send docs back; when you do it definitely get a receipt of confirmation also they include all fees because they have previously called to confirm fee for recording. As well I do courier work which you only pick up docs from client (not many pages sometimes only 2) fax/ scan then drop off. I love this profession. Meeting and engaging in different areas of my proficiency and expertise.:laughing: