How to become an e notary

Does anyone have any information on e Notary?

As with many notary issues, it depends on what state you live in. Unless you tell us your state, there is little to say.

With the possible exception of Virginia notaries, there is little adoption of enotarization, and it isn’t clear which (if any) platform will generate earning opportunities for notaries. So I would hold off on paying for any equipment, training, or subscriptions until a clear winner emerges.

Totally agree with ashton on all counts. My state, Arkansas, has approved e-notarization (note–signer & notary must still be face-to-face) several years ago. Originally, there were 2 ‘platforms’ to choose from AND PAY FOR! A few years later, there are FIVE platforms (& I guess more could be added at any time in the future). Although the number of e-notaries has increased, few, if any, have actually purchased the platform. There seems to be little or no interest in this on the part of the public…and, if you’re working with a TC or somesuch for loans, I guess you’d need to use THEIR preferred platform. All in all, I’m not interested in buying all the equipment, paying for any platform that nobody seems interested in using.

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The State of Ohio no longer has e notary

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