How to generate more signings

Good morning everyone! I have been a full-time signing agent for a little over three months, and August seems like it’s been somewhat slow. I have heard a lot of notaries talk about having more work coming their way then they can handle, and this month I’ve had several very slow days. Any advice on how I can generate more work? Right now I am on notary –, signing order, snapdocs and 123 Notary (I paid the premium memnership for them and have only received 3 signings) Any words of wisdom? :grin:

One word of encouragement - when I listed with 123 I got my best title company clients from there - so don’t lose heart…that listing could really pay off for you.

Go to - take a basic listing (or if you have the funds, buy a premium membership) - start working your way down the list of signing companies in Signing Central there. Focus on 3, 4 and 5 star companies (by the way - those 3, 4 and 5 star ratings were shared by notaries like you and I). The premium membership will give you more information about the companies along with discounts on supplies, training, etc. And please believe the good, bad and ugly of the notaries’ ratings - .

The more you establish a web presence the more companies will find you. Oh, and marketing never stops - market market market yourself. Eventually it will happen.

Hope this helps. Good luck


I second good value from 123 notary!

NotaryRotary is extremely outdated. Most are from several years ago. Is there a site that may have more updated information?

It takes some legwork but if you search Signing Central, then read the ratings and forum posts (which you can search with the Orange search button) you will get a wealth of information.

Also Google the company…you may find feedback there.

All else fails…ask here or Notary Rotary…I’m sure you find the information you need

Good luck

Many notary issues are state specific.
Could it be that your state is not so signing agent friendly?
In Florida, there are many title companies that only believe in ‘in house’ signings.
Also, your area, like mine, may be flooded with notaries.
There may be result with persistence but I too, am 3 months into a very dry start.
Yet, I continue to market and hope the ‘numbers game’ pays off.
Good luck.

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To docsign.jae and beachtobaymobilenota - and any other newbie starting out:

You should know it’s been a common belief over the years that, when entering this business, it’s going to easily take two years to cultivate good customers and get your business solidly built; it doesn’t happen overnight (contrary to the hype promoted by some of the certification companies). Remember you’re competing with established notaries who have gone down this road before. It’s a tough road to hoe but do-able - you just need to realize it’s going to take time - time to build AND marketing time; and sadly in this day and age, with RON gaining steam, this field may never be a full-time sustainable business

Remember, you need to put a business plan together that will support both you, personally, and your business - you need to be able to bring in enough income to cover your business overhead and your personal expenses - so set your fees accordingly and don’t waiver. And for the love of Pete please be careful who you take jobs from - being particular about who you work for, and maybe sacrificing some signings, is far better than knocking yourself out to work for companies who may never pay you after all your work. If you want to do volunteer work I’m sure your community would appreciate it - if you want to be self employed and make a profit, set up a good business plan and stick to it…

Good luck